One of the many benefits of working with Lantek Corporation, is the ability to schedule your orders out. We offer stock holding facilities and if you forecast what you will be buying in the next year, we can quote you on a years worth of stock.

By scheduling out your orders with Lantek Corporation, this will enable us to obtain a better price for the higher quantities. We can then hold the stock in our environmentally controlled ISO9001: 2008 compliant warehouse and ship the parts out to you as you require them.

How can Lantek Corporation's Scheduling Service benefit you?

  • It will boost manufacturing productivity and capacity utilization, by having the parts readily available as and when you require them.

  • Orders can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance, so you get fixed prices that have no surprise fluctuations.

  • Reduce order to delivery lead-time by more frequent & closer-to-delivery scheduling.

  • We can batch test against failing or fraudulent parts to help maximize the quality that you can deliver to your customer.

  • Work collaboratively with both us and your customer, which will ensure you get effective, smooth production processes and accurate, on time deliveries.

  • Meet customers rising expectations and demand by delivering outstanding customer service at minimal production cost.

  • Release capital tied up in idle inventory wasting your valuable warehousing space by accurate planning and scheduling processes.

  • Reduce the risk of line down or stoppages to your production lines, which means you are most efficient and will maximize productivity.

  • By ordering in bulk, you can receive a high volume discount, which will assist you in keeping your production costs to a minimum.

  • Helps with accurate budgeting as you only pay for the parts you require, when you require them.

  • Eliminate the need for significant time and effort with problem obsolescence issues, as you have preordered and are prepared for what could potentially happen.

By scheduling out the right stock at the right time, we can help smooth out your supply chain and cash flow while allowing you to focus on your key skills. It's a stress free production you will enjoy!


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Elizabeth always pays attention to detail and goes above and beyond to make sure she exceeds her customers’ needs. Elizabeth is a critical thinker, understands the entire scope of project work and gets it done very on time or ahead of customer needs." (Mark V.)

"As a manufacturer, you need a supplier you can depend on for quality products at great pricing. Lantek Corporation understands this. Many suppliers give you commitments, while Lantek Corporation holds true to theirs. Dependable, trustworthy, reliable...those standards are shown in everything they do. To top it off, they have Shannon. She will always go that extra mile for me. Where others falter, Lantek Corporation succeeds. They pay attention to every detail and are quick to respond. For all of these reasons, Lantek Corporation has remained one of my first choice vendors for the past 4 years. Shannon is one of my favorite people to work with and we are very fortunate to have Lantek Corporation take care of our requirements." (Tiah S.)

"I would like to say that I have had the privilege of working with Kristen on our continuing and new projects. Kristen always replies and supports us in no time and in any way she can. She always gives us 100% of her time and effort. Working with Kristen and Lantek Corporation is a great pleasure!" (Doron R.)

"Scott Westenberger is very reliable and acts in a highly professional way. It is always a pleasure to deal with him." (Harald T.)

"Matthew Vroegindewey understands sales. There has to be a win-win and he manages to walk that line perfectly... He's proven that he wants to build a long-lasting relationship with my company that will benefit everyone involved for many years. I respect and appreciate that." (Karen J.)

"I have worked with Frank now for around 7 years. Whenever we needed to get some parts urgently, Frank was able to serve us within a short term. Although Lantek is located (overseas) in the United States, Frank has always observed the promised delivery date. We always received good quality for competitive prices. I know that I can always rely on Frank. Thank you very much for your assistance through all the years." (Rene K.)