Such an ugly counterfeit

COUNTERFEIT. What an ugly word, right? Certainly one you don’t want to hear when you’re receiving components in from your electronic component supplier. Not that this is a new problem to anyone out there, but it is one that is a growing concern when you’re choosing who to put all of your trust in when manufacturing your products. It can be one component or a slew of components to totally throw the functionality of your product off just because they didn’t pass the proper testing and aren’t what they “appear” to be.

How can we stop it? There is no way to stop counterfeits from entering the markets. It’s something that will continue to happen and cause a lot of unnecessary drama for many companies who aren’t up-to-date on warning signs and fail to complete necessary research prior to purchasing parts.

Our process involves extensive research and testing to ensure that the components we supply to you and your company are of quality standard and perform as expected. In the event you require further testing of any components sold, we can go ahead and make that possible to give you the complete peace of mind. Our unique set of procedures and techniques for authentication of electronic components help to minimize the risk of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. As well as monitoring approved suppliers, our inspection process and policy procedures will provide you with quality products and will help safeguard against counterfeiters and defective parts.

Don’t let counterfeits interfere with your production process. Always be alert in the market and if any red flags are visible, be sure to take the extra moment to analyze the situation.

LANTEK CORPORATION’S 1-YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE: When you purchase electronic components from Lantek Corporation, you are protected by this guarantee. We are so confident in our supplier network that in the rare event that the components you purchase from Lantek Corporation fail to meet manufacturer specifications within 1 year from the date of purchase, we will either replace the parts or refund the purchase price. That is our guarantee to you!


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