Lantek Corporation Raises Money to Aid Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricane recorded in the Atlantic for twelve years. The Category 5 hurricane caused widespread damage throughout its unusually long lifespan, particularly in parts of the northeast Caribbean and the U.S. state of Florida.

Irma was the most intense hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Katrina, twelve years ago. At the time of writing, it had claimed the lives of ninety people based on the U.S. mainland, and countless others across the Caribbean islands.

To compound matters, just two weeks after Hurricane Irma caused life-changing devastation, many of the affected areas were struck by Hurricane Maria. This severely impacted ongoing rescue and relief efforts in the region and directly contributed to a major humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

Throughout the October, Lantek Corporation will be raising funds for the International Medical Corps – and we’d love your help.

We have already set aside a donation and for every order that you, our valued-customers, place with us, we will add to that fund. We have already donated nearly $900 and by the end of the month, we are hoping to exceed well beyond the $1,000 mark! All of this money will go directly to those working on the ground.

All that we ask is that you send us your urgent requirements. Whether it be for some stock of electronic components that have been placed on allocation or your regular, day-to-day purchases, we’ll work hard to provide you with the best price possible and increase our charity total.

So far, we have been blown away by the positive reaction to this news. The customers that we have spoken to have been really encouraged by our response and are proud that we are taking steps to help those impacted by the recent spate of hurricanes.

To send Lantek Corporation your electronic component requirements directly, use our one-click RFQ platform. Or alternatively, you can email the office directly:

If you would like to donate directly, you can do so HERE.

If you do donate directly, please let us know. And if you have organised a sponsored silence, charitable cake and coffee morning or a fancy-dress day, we’d love to hear about it. Not to have a peek at some of the pictures!

Established in 1984, the International Medical Corps is a global humanitarian charity that provides disaster relief and delivers health care to those in need. Over the years, the group has helped tens of millions of people in over seventy-five countries, delivering vital support and training valued at more than $2.5bn.

*last updated 17th October

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