Leading Electronic Manufacturers Pause Production

Renesas Electronic, Sony and Mitsubishi Electronic are just some of the companies to halt their production lines in the wake of the earthquakes that struck south-east Japan last week.

On April 14th, a foreshock earthquake registering 6.2Mw struck near Kumamoto, damaging the city’s eastern suburbs. In the hours following the initial earthquake, a further eleven aftershocks of at least 4.5Mw were recorded.

Then, in the early hours of April 16th, a further 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the region, causing significant damage to areas already vulnerable from the earthquake two days prior.
These earthquakes have caused significant disruption to a number of leading electronic manufacturers with facilities in the area, most noticeably Renesas, Sony and Mitsubishi Electronic.
Renesas is set to resume production tomorrow, though Sony and Mitsubishi’s plants look likely to remain offline for the next couple of days at the very least.

As a result, we have seen demand rise for a number of products, those being:

• Renesas Series – R5F10, R8A77
• NEC Series – UPD70, UPD78, UPD431, UPD432, UPD75
• Sony Series – CXD208, CXD125, CXD353

In a press release, Renesas announced their plant in Kumamoto should be reopening tomorrow, albeit with a reduced capacity.

“Assuming there is no massive aftershock and significant change in the state of material procurement situations, Renesas…aims to resume productions of other remaining processes step-by-step,” a spokesperson said.

It is worth noting that no definitive timetable for a return to full production capabilities has been announced.

However, nearby plants operated by Sony and Mitsubishi Electronic will remain closed while a full investigation is carried out.

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