Renesas Subcontractors Still to Resume Production Capacity

Earlier this week, Renesas released an update regarding the impact that last month’s earthquakes had on its manufacturing operations.

As you may well remember, the Japanese-based electronics company was forced to close down a number of its production lines after it emerged that its facilities in the Kumamoto Prefecture had sustained damage during the earthquakes.

After assessing the situation, partial production resumed at the company’s Kawashiri Factory on April 22nd, but many other aspects remained offline while further assessments and repairs were carried out.

In accordance with their ongoing Business Development Plan, Renesas today announced that it expects to be able to ‘restore pre-earthquake production capacity’ by the end of this month.

A statement, published on the company’s website, said:

“While the chance of aftershocks to occur remains unpredictable, we confirmed that there is no current issue under consideration that would impede recovery further. Under these circumstances, we expect to be able to restore full pre-earthquake production capacity targeting May 22.”

However, whilst Renesas’ own plant appears to be getting back on track, the same cannot be said for some of its affiliated production facilities.

“Following the main quake that occurred on April 16, further damage has been confirmed at some subcontractor companies…. Renesas is exerting its utmost efforts to return to full pre-earthquake production capacity at the earliest possible date.”

Finally, Renesas announced that a donation of ten million yen had been made to the relief efforts.

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